Report Day 5: Workshops, lobbying and last but not least signing!


Report Day 5: Workshops, lobbying and last but not least signing!

Day five of MEPNL17 started in the StayOkay in Maastricht. After an extensive breakfast everybody walked to the SBE: the School of Business and Economics. The delegates were divided in four different groups and were spread over the building. There, they followed two different workshops. There were workshops about the economy, education, privacy and a lot of other subjects. The one thing all these workshops had in common was that they were all about the EU. The speakers talked about the different education systems across Europe, about the privacy and information leaking there is in the European Union and about the economics across Europe.

The delegates listened very carefully and were enlightened by the words of wisdom that the speakers spoke. With a lot of new insights and impressions, all the delegates went on their way, into the city of Maastricht. Ready to share the new knowledge with their delegations and prepare for the General Assembly on Friday.

At eight, after having eaten dinner whilst sharing info, everyone assembled in Centre Ceramique, the cultural centre of Maastricht. There, two speeches were held. One by the alderman of Maastricht and one by Rafaël Lepot. About the upcoming lobby session, where delegates could make it happen. However, first the Maastricht Youth Treaty was presented, printed on canvas, ready to be signed. All delegates were invited to put their signature on it, so it could be presented today, in Brussels. And so they did. Everyone returned to the Stayokay at 10:30, after the lobby session. After they had a little bit more free time to see the amazing city Maastricht is, all delegates went to bed. It was going to be an early morning on thursday, Brussels day. We almost can’t wait to visit the European Parliament! Stay tuned, more about that will follow tomorrow!

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