One foundation; several teams!

The volunteers of the organisation are divided into three teams, each headed by a board member of the Foundation and each responsible for the programme in Arnhem, Brussels or Maastricht.

Team Arnhem

  • Sterre de Geus (Coordinator)
  • Chiem ten Have
  • Floor Doppen
  • Ted Limbeek
  • Kars-Jan Giesen
  • Daniël Wesselink
  • Cato Koomen
  • Cas van Turnhout

Team Brussels

  • Niek Blok (Coordinator)
  • Rik Joosen
  • Nienke van der Linden
  • Bo Veldhuizen
  • Lea Scheurer
  • Christoph Petry
  • Raphaël Lepot

Team Maastricht

  • Manon van de Ven (Coordinator)
  • Cécile Magnée
  • Fleur Zijlstra
  • Melissa Scheepens
  • Indy Rozenboom
  • Bas van der Werf
  • Sebastiaan Olislagers

Furthermore, volunteers are member of horizontal teams, forming a matrix structure. They take care of narrowly defined tasks that are independent of the programme in one of the cities:

  • Team Public Relations
  • Team Journalists
  • Team Green Paper
  • Team finance & acquisitions
  • Team Teachers/directors

Some team members are only member of one of the horizontal teams:

  • Renée Douven
  • Joyce Nafzger

All board members and volunteers gathered every two months during a team day to learn from each other and to create a positive MEP-vibe among them.