The MEP for You Foundation

MEPNL 17 in Arnhem, Brussels & Maastricht is organised by the MEP for You Foundation and the coordinator of MEP the Nether­lands. The MEP for You Foundation is project organisation, aimed at organising a Western European Interregional MEP session in The Hague (WEMEP 2016 insert link and an International MEP session in Arnhem, Brussels and Maastricht (MEPNL 17).

The MEP for You Foundation is built upon a collaboration between the MEP Gelderland Foundation, the MEP Limburg Foundation and the Montesquieu Institute. The three foundations combined are very experienced with organising MEP Conferences on different levels (regional, national, interregional and international). Seven young but experienced board members have established the Foundation. The following people are involved in organising MEPNL 17:

Board members MEP for You Foundation

  • Raphaël Lepot (General Management)
  • Camiel van Houdt (General Management)
  • Thimo Zwiers (Finance & Acquisitions)
  • Manon van de Ven (Coordinator Maastricht & International MEP-network)
  • Niek Blok (Coordinator Brussels)
  • Sterre de Geus (Coordinator Arnhem)
  • Manuel Quaden (Coordinator MEP Western Europe 2016)

Contact & Press

The MEP for You Foundation believes in the power of projects for the youth, by the youth and involves as many young volunteers in the organisation as possible. Through its various partners, the MEP for You Foundation has access to an extensive network of volunteers that are willing to participate in the organisation of the MEPNL 17 conference. Both provincial foundations and the national foundation work exclusively with young volunteers who already have several years of experience in successfully organising MEP conferences and related activities (funding & sponsorships; trips to The Hague, Brussels & Strasbourg; and apprenticeships with politicians). The volunteers are eager to deploy all of their potential for organising MEPNL 17 conference.

The MEP Gelderland Foundation

The MEP Gelderland Foundation is established in 1989. Since then, they have organised 26 local and 2 national MEP conferences. The conferences in Gelderland differs from other MEP-conferences, because they are fully organised by scholars. The organising scholars are supported by MEP-Alumni and by teachers and directors from secondary schools in the Gelderland region. In the MEP-projects in Gelderland, the synergy of scholars, students, alumni, provincial politicians and servants and teachers is vital for the quality of the MEP session. It is their intention to stimulate the same synergy for upcoming international MEP Sessions.

Board members MEP for You Foundation

The MEP Limburg Foundation

The MEP Limburg Foundation is established in 2004 with young MEP alumni in the age of 18-23 as board members. Over more than ten years, the organisation has successfully financed and realised the yearly provincial MEP simulation conferences; study visits to institutions of the European Union and the Council of Europe in Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg; apprenticeships with local, national and international politicians and policy makers; debating sessions in existing educational programs; and activities for their enlarging group of alumni. Following the Foundation’s ambition to cross national borders rather than to only talk about them, the board happily invites young people from all over Europe to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Treaty of Maastricht during the upcoming international MEP session in Arnhem, Brussels and Maastricht.

The Montesquieu Institute

The Montesquieu Institute has been responsible for the organisation of MEP The Netherlands since 2012. MEP The Netherlands is with more than 150 participants from 145 different schools from over the whole country the biggest national MEP Session in Europe. The Montesquieu Institute is strongly willing to participate in international MEP sessions, to stimulate international cultural exchange between youngsters and policy makers. In this project, the MI will be an important link between youngsters (scholars, students), skills (politicians, trainers) en knowledge (policy makers, researchers and universities).